Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the most Effective Website Design for My Business?

    Everyone knows the importance of establishing a website for their business, but few understand what’s needed to position their website for true success. This knowledge will help you attract potential customers and claim a high rating in Google searches. Strategic online marketer, Phong T. Nguyen, explains how to develop an effective website.
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    How to Boost My Chances of Being Selected by Customers Online?

    As more and more websites populate the Internet each day and search engines continue to change their search algorithms, an effective website today requires more than just a responsive website. In this article, strategic digital marketer, Phong T. Nguyen, will show you how to boost your chances of being selected by new customers online.
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    Why do web design quotes vary so much?

    When it comes to web design and development, the complexity, customization, and ownership of the software all play key roles in determining the price of a project. Before comparing web design prices among providers you should know the types of services providers offer. With this information you’ll be able to make a better judgment on which provider is the best fit for you and your project, so you won’t waste time or money.
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    Why do I need to custom design my website?

    The majority of websites populating the internet today were built from cheap template websites. They are positioned incorrectly, which creates a cluster of “noises” that makes it harder for a new website to reach its intended audience effectively. That is why a custom designed website is the smart choice to communicate effectively through those “noises” and achieve a great first impression with your potential customers.
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    What are the key factors to an effective website design?

    1. Your website designer need to understand your business, goals and target audience.
    2. You and your provider need to strategize the content and layout of your web pages. We will address the key questions or information that your target audience will use to search for your products and services.
    3. Your provider needs to optimize your web pages well with “good keywords” and descriptions to be search-engine friendly.

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    I have a small business. What type of website design will help me save money?

    • You need an open-source CMS website designer so you don’t get tied down to only one provider.
    • You also need that provider to coach you ahead of time on how to control your website.
    • You need a provider that will stand behind their work and have an official contract for you.

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    There are so many web design providers to choose from. How do I select a good one?

    • Don’t focus too much on cheap website designs that will lure you toward a half-baked website.
    • Listen carefully to your first conversation with the provider. Do they really take the time to know your business, needs, and goals before recommending their services?
    • Will they have an executable contract for you?
    • What do their customers say about them on Google Plus?

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    How do I choose the most effective domain name?

    Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Domain NameThe domain name you choose is the identity of your organization on the web. It can be nearly as important as choosing your organization’s name; so it requires careful research, thought, and consideration. Here are some great tips that will help you select a good domain name for your organization.

    1. Brainstorm 3 to 5 keywords (or phrases) related to your organization and it’s core services or products

    It is helpful to find 3 to 5 terms or phrases that best describe your organization and your core service offerings before searching for a domain name. Once you have a list, you can pair these key phrases and simplify them to create a good domain name. For example, if your organization is an auto repair business, you may start with words like: “auto, auto repair, auto services, vehicle repair,” etc. Then try pairing your business name and possibly your location with your keyword phrases. If your business was name was Luke’s Auto Repair, and it was located in Minneapolis, you could try or Read more >>

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    What are most important factors when redesigning my website?

    Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Business’ Website

    It’s no secret that to stay competitive in today’s technology-based environment, businesses need to be able to successfully market themselves online. To this end, the importance of maintaining a high-quality web presence cannot be overstated. In today’s environment, a business’ online persona has the power to make or break its success. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the effectiveness of your business’ web presence. The most important aspect of a business’ web presence is its website. If your business hasn’t been growing at the rate you’d like, it may be time to redesign your company’s website.

    clip_image002_0008Your company’s website is the first thing consumers will see when they go online to search for your business. Their initial impression of your website will inform their first impression of your business. Consumers report that they view a company’s website as a reflection of the company itself. A sloppy or out-of-date website tells consumers that a business doesn’t care about their customers, is behind the times, or is incapable of keeping up in the competitive and fast-moving nature of the online market. A well designed, up-to-date website, on the other hand, enhances expectations about how professional and effective a business will be at delivering products and services. – Read more >>

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    How would a Content Management System (CMS) website benefit me?

    Why Are CMS Websites Budget-Friendly and Beneficial To Small Businesses?

    If you want a creative, high-quality website while maintaining low costs for your Internet marketing strategy, a Content Management System (CMS) website is your #1 solution. Today, many people utilize CMS websites to help them organize their website’s content with ease because its’ “What you see is what you get” editor (or WYSIWYG) works just like a word processor program. CMS sites can also scale up quite well to help your site reach its full potential. Here are some key facts that make CMS sites a budget-friendly solution for small businesses:

    1. Open Source: This mean the source codes are open to all developers and allow them to modify the codes easily according to each website’s needs. Many developers prefer using open-source systems to build websites because it is less burdensome to customize each component and feature for the website, which also means lower web design costs for you, the customer. Quite often, developers around the world publish their own edited source codes online (as they develop them) for others to use.
    2. Community-Driven Platform: Since open-source systems are available to everyone for FREE, many CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Magento are supported and co-developed by a community of developers all over the world. The “community” is constantly taking in feedback from endusers (non-developers) to fine-tune these CMS platforms further and add on additional components/plugins. These help CMS platforms improve continuously towards perfection.- Read more >>
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    Why should I invest in a Responsive Website?

    Why A Responsive Web Design Will Be The Essential Thing For Your Business

    Few things are more frustrating for online users than a company that does not adapt to new technologies. As technology changes, so do consumer habits. These days, more and more consumers have multiple devices that they use to access the Internet. While it can be beneficial for your business to have customers accessing your site from a variety of devices, it can also create challenges as well.

    Responsive Web DesignThe ability to possess multiple devices means that users are likely viewing your business’ website on screens that vary dramatically in size. Looking at a website that was designed for a traditional computer screen is a very different and often frustrating experience on a mobile device like a mini-tablet or smartphone.

    Website design companies will often offer mobile compatible versions of your business’ website, which reformats the site for an optimal user experience on the smaller device. However, the phenomenon of ‘device fragmentation,’ which refers to users switching between multiple devices, makes it hard for businesses to predict what screen size they should be reformatting their original website to.

    Responsive web design is a new technology that aims to solve the dilemma of ‘device fragmentation.’ A responsive web design works to create websites that provide an optimal viewing experience for a user. Optimal viewing allows for easy reading and navigation, without consumers having to resize pages or items as they move from device to device.- Read more >>

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    What are the common mistakes in selecting a web designer?

    6 Mistakes People Often Make When Choosing a Web Designer

    Many web design service providers have popped up in the last five years. In some ways, this has made it tougher for people to find high quality, experienced web designers. You’ll find many different styles, skills, prices, and abilities among web designers. In order to get a professional website developed and designed for your organization, you should seek out a provider with a solid, proven track record. Here are six things you should avoid when selecting a web design firm for your project:
    Web Designers

    1. Choosing a web designer who is still using old HTML code to build websites. Today, in order for your website to show up uniformly on newer versions of internet browsers, computer operating systems, and mobile devices, your website should be built with the most up-to-date coding: HTML5 or newer. It would be a major pain in the neck (and wallet) to have to re-design your website after you’ve worked hard to develop a new site with a designer who has used outdated code.

    2. Choosing a web designer who suggests using a lot of flash content on your site. Since Apple computers and mobile devices do not support Flash, your Flash website will not display fully when Apple users pull up your website on their devices. It is unwise for any web designer to suggest using significant amounts of Flash. – Read more >>

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    What are the common online marketing mistakes for businesses?

    3 Common Marketing Tactics that are Hazardous to Your Website and Business
    Many business owners understand the importance of how a professional website adds value to their bottom line. Meanwhile, the tactics many have taken are just plain counterintuitive. Why? Because they don’t know the right approach in establishing an effective website in today’s digital landscape. In this article, I will point out the three most common unproductive (and often damaging) approaches and provide advice on how to prepare a great website that will generate much better results. Let’s get started. – Read more>>
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    Why would I pay more for a custom web design?

    Why Your Business Should Invest In A Professional, Customized Website Design

    As a business owner, it may be tempting to stick with old practices. While it is valuable to continue using techniques that have worked in the past, in today’s business economy it is necessary to keep up with the newest, online technologies. The best way to take advantage of the opportunities made available through the Internet is to invest in a professional, custom designed website for your business.

    We’ve compiled a list of just 10 reasons why your business should invest your marketing resources in a professional website:

    Custom Web Design #1

    1. Professionalism – Maintaining professionalism in every aspect of your business is important to building relationships with clients. Cookie cutter website designs often look unoriginal and lazy to customers. In addition, amateur web designs usually lack the dynamic visual displays and effective design that can be found in professional websites. When a website looks clunky or badly planned, a customer will likely move on to another business. Oftentimes, your website will be the first impression your business makes on a customer, so be sure to show them the quality and professionalism of your business immediately.

    2. Individuality – One of the greatest advantages of investing in a customized website is the opportunity to fully express your business and its mission online, without being limited by a static template. With a custom web design, you can outline specific aspects of your business as you see fit. You can also create an effective layout that is perfect for your business’ individual strengths and features. In addition, a unique web design will stand out among the cookie cutter websites of your competitors.  – Read more >>

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    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    When clients come to us for website design and Internet marketing services, a common question they ask is: What is SEO?

    Answering this question thoroughly takes time, because there are many technical terms in SEO like: Title tags, Meta tags, Description tags, On-page Optimization, Off-page SEO, Anchor Text Links, Back Links, Content Marketing, and more.

    In this article, I will use an analogy to help those of you who know little or nothing about SEO. I want to help you understand what it is, how it works, and why it’s important. My goal is to help you understand SEO in the most simple and fundamental terms possible. Let’s get started.

    1. What do the letters SEO stand for, and what is the purpose of SEO?

    SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves improving the likelihood that your website will show up high on the list when users do a search on a site like, or

    2. What is a Keyword?

    A keyword is not what it sounds like. It’s usually not a single word. A keyword is a search term. “Minneapolis Web Design” is a keyword. “Video Producer Minnesota” is another keyword. People search for things most often using two or more words, or a phrase like “Pet Stores MN,” or “Affordable Auto Repair Iowa.”

    3. What is a Google Organic (or “Natural”) Search?

    A Google organic search is the type of search most people do quite often. They go to a site like and type in a search term (a keyword), for example: “Minneapolis cleaning service.” These are the results of that Google organic search (at that time).


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    What are the characteristics of a qualified SEO provider?

    6 Tips to Make Sure You’re Hiring the Right SEO Provider

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the sum total of everything done organically to, for and about your business’ website SO THAT WHEN PEOPLE use SEARCH engines to find businesses like yours, THEY FIND YOU. In many cases, they either find you, or they find someone else – so the stakes couldn’t be higher. SEO may sound simple enough, and it doesn’t have to be complicated – but when you’re looking to choose the right SEO provider, there are several key things to keep in mind.

    Starting off, you’ll want to know what each of these terms mean: Keywords, Google’s Page-One ranking (organically), and Conversion Rate:


    Keywords are the words or phrases used by people when they search for businesses like yours on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Thus, choosing the most appropriate and frequently used keywords (by your targeted customers) is extremely important.

    Google’s Page-One ranking means that when people search using your business’ keywords, your name will come up in the top 10 organic search listings. If your name doesn’t show up until the second page of a Google search, it’s not much good, because most people won’t go to the second page, and so your keywords probably won’t lead to a very high conversion rate.

    Conversion Rate is the rate at which people who pull your business up on a search ALSO CLICK TO GO TO YOUR WEBSITE and GO TO YOUR CONTACT US PAGE. The importance of this is, obviously, paramount.- Read more >>

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    What are the differences, (including the Pros & Cons) of Traditional Marketing versus Online Marketing?

    Traditional Marketing and Online Marketing


    Marketing is essential to promote and grow your business, and marketing today can be divided into two broad categories: Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing. In recent years, some have argued that traditional marketing no longer works, and that Internet Marketing is gradually replacing it. Before I offer my view on this, I will share some of the differences between traditional and Internet marketing, including the pros and cons of each.

    Traditional Marketing versus Internet Marketing: The Differences:

    Traditional Marketing (Outbound Marketing): You use marketing funnels such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the traditional yellow-pages, direct mail, trade shows, and event sponsorships to push your messages to potential BUYERS. The SELLERS (you) find potential BUYERS by pushing your messages out to them.

    Internet Marketing (Inbound Marketing): You use digital marketing funnels (through the Internet) including websites, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO) to help your potential BUYERS find you. In other words, as a SELLER, you gain potential BUYERS by positioning yourself on the Internet strategically so BUYERS find you. Here are some examples of Inbound Marketing relationships between potential BUYERS and SELLERS: A person looks up a service on a search engine with keywords related to a service you provide. A customer of yours refers a friend on social media to your website via a shared link. A BUYER finds you because they see you’re listed in the top 3 of Google’s pay-per-click ads.

    You could say that in many ways, these two marketing categories are opposites in how they work to acquire BUYERS. One is outbound marketing, the other, inbound marketing.  – Read more>>

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    Why are my website marketing results less than anticipated?

    Because most business owners understand the importance of web-based marketing in today’s environment, they have invested in a website to promote their business. They were hoping to gain at least some new customers, and when that didn’t happen, naturally they wondered why it didn’t meet their expectations. In this article, I will point out the key factors contributing to this common outcome and recommend a positive approach to help businesses get better results and increased revenue from their websites. Let’s get started.

    A number of decades ago, when the telephone was the main, and often the only, communication tool in our businesses, we checked our voice messages daily, and with delight. We knew that most of the voice messages we received would be from either customers, friends or family. Sadly, after a time, telemarketers ruined that experience for many of us. Even today, telemarketers can sometimes make us feel reluctant to pick up the phone once we see a non-local or unidentified phone number calling in.


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    What are the biggest misconceptions about website marketing?

    The Four Biggest Misperceptions Small Business Owners Often Have about Website Marketing

    Today most business owners understand how important web-based marketing is to their business. The problem is, this often leads them to rush to establish an online presence to avoid being left behind. While many business owners have found a good Return On their Investment (ROI) when it comes to their websites and online marketing, others have been disappointed with their results. In this article, I’ll highlight 4 common misperceptions that small business owners often have about websites and try to provide feedback to help business owners learn how to adjust their internet marketing campaigns for greater results.


    First, “Build it and they will come.” This may apply to Disneyland, but for websites on the Internet, it will never be the case. With millions of websites out there, you have to spread the words about your website through search engines, social media, advertising, and word of mouth. The more you promote your business effectively online, the better chance your site will be seen and the more customers will find you. I have met a number of business owners who established their websites more than five years ago, but still haven’t seen significant returns on their investment. When I ask how they’ve promoted their website, they often reply that “I had it setup and then…” and their body language tells me that they thought that was all they would need to do in terms of internet marketing. Building a website is step one – promoting it needs to be an ongoing thing if you want to increase visitors, and customers.- Read more >>

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    How can I optimize and promote my website for local searches at a lower cost?

    Want to Optimize and Promote Your Website, for Local Searchers, and not Break your Bank? Here are 7 Steps.

    With limited budgets, small businesses often don’t know how, or where, to promote their website so it’s visible to locals, at a low cost. In this article I will share seven steps to help you do exactly this.

    Local Online Marketing

    First, position your phone and email address at a prominent location(s) on your website and highlight it, so viewers can see this information easily. It should be REALLY convenient for customers to contact you if they have any questions.

    Second, display your business address and hours on the bottom of your website or on your Contact Us page to let viewers, and search engines know exactly where your business is located.

    Third, make a list of keywords related to the products or services you provide and the geographic location(s) you want to focus on. For example, if you provide transmission repair services and you want to target Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, some essential keywords might be: Minneapolis transmission repair, St. Paul Transmission Repair, and Twin Cities Transmission Repair. These essential because they are the keywords your local customers will most likely use to search for your type of services. If you provided other services, you should also make a list of other keywords related to those services as well.  – Read more

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    What should I know before building my e-commerce website?

    9 Critical Factors In E-Commerce Website Design and Usability

    The design and usability of an E-Commerce website have a profound impact on the success or failure of your online store. Thus, entrepreneurs who want to start an E-Commerce website must optimize their website well for usability because it is THE place you convince potential customers to buy from you. In this article, I will point out a number of important criteria regarding E-Commerce usability and design that will help you optimize your E-Commerce website for success. Let’s get started.


    First, in order for people to stick around your website long enough to make a purchase, they have to like your website. Which means the customers’ first impression of you through the website is extremely important. Therefore, you should custom design a professional website that has a theme and style that complements what you sell. In addition, your website should be coded with HTML5 to ensure it shows up well on mobile tablets, and other mobile devices.

    Second, the usability of your E-Commerce site is also very important to customers (and to your bottom line). If customers can’t find their way around your site easily, or are even a little confused about what you sell, they will not spend a penny on your site, instead they will exit in a heartbeat.

    Beyond making it very easy for customers to navigate and creating a membership account on your site, you’ll also want to make it easy for customers to understand what you provide within the first 60 seconds of landing on your site. Together, these will determine the length of time customers stay on your site, and make purchases. – Read more >>

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    What are the benefits of adding e-commerce to my website?

    clip_image00210 Reasons Why An E-Commerce Website Will Benefit Your Business
    Running a business takes time, patience, and labor. But it also requires paying attention to important trends in today’s economy. Nearly every company has moved their business into the online world by creating a website. However, most businesses do not realize that they can expand their business success online even further. E-Commerce, which refers to commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet, is an increasingly popular way for consumers to purchase items. Here are 10 reasons why you should pay attention to this trend and invest in a professional E-Commerce website for your company or organization:

    1. Convenience: Operating an E-Commerce website is a great way to draw in consumers. Consumers appreciate convenience, and will be much more willing to purchase your business’ services and products from the comfort of their own home, rather than travelling to a physical store. In addition, by offering products online, you will open up your business to a much larger geographic area. An E-Commerce website allows your business to expand beyond the limits of time and location that inherent in operating a physical store. Plus, by working with a professional team of web designers, you will be able to provide a version of your online store that can be compatible with mobile devices as well. An E-Commerce website is convenient for both you and your customers and is truly a win-win.

    2. Cost benefits: Offering your business’ products and services online is a great way to cut costs and make money at the same time. By creating the opportunity for customers to purchase your products at any time and any location you will increase your sales significantly. In addition, you will not be spending money on the resources required to staff and maintain a physical store. Though a professionally designed E-Commerce website may seem like an extravagance, it will more than pay for itself in a short amount of time- Read more >>

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    What should I do if my website has been infected with malware?

    Here’s what to do if your website has been infected with malware and red-flagged by internet browsers.
    One day you go to your website and you know instantly that something is wrong. It has most certainly been hacked and an internet browser has red flagged your site. – Read more>>
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    How can I protect myself from online scams?

    The Hazard You Hope Never Happens: Being Hacked. Here’s How To Avoid It

    In the last couple years many big companies’ and organizations’ systems have been hacked. Sometimes the companies don’t discover they’ve been hacked until months later. This shows that many companies and organizations do not have the systems-in-place and skill-sets to combat cyber criminals, which are always changing their techniques through new, quickly changing technologies. A CNNMoney analysis in May of this year reported that about half of all American adults’ personal information was compromised in the last twelve months due to data breaches at large companies and organizations. In August of 2014 alone, we’ve seen three more hacking victims; Community Health System, UPS, and J.P. Morgan. These ongoing events worry many people. To help you better protect yourself from being hacked personally, here are some things you should do when using the internet.

    1. Always install anti-virus software on your computer. I recommend using a paid version instead of a free one. This investment is a fraction of the cost and time of having to clean your infected computer. Generally, free versions have less-frequent malware-signature updates than the paid versions do, which can open a window of opportunity for cyber criminals to hack you. Also, a paid version means you won’t have to deal with the constant and annoying pop-up offers for upgrades. There are number of quality anti-virus software options to choose from: Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, VIPRE, etc. – Read more>>

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    What makes ProWeb365 different?

    Website Design and Optimization: Effective marketing websites are those that can strike the balance between creative design and intelligent on-site search engine optimization (SEO). Why? Because there are two kinds of audiences visiting your website regularly. The first one is comprised of search engine robots, and the second one is made up of people. Therefore, your website needs to be search engine friendly as well as user friendly to perform well. At ProWeb365, we have the skills and experience to help you establish such a website; and, in addition, you will own an exclusive copyright to that custom design.

    On-site SEO: We optimize each web page on your site with keywords related to your products and services in Title Tags and H1 Tags. We also optimize the graphics and images on your site to ensure it loads faster. Since most of our online audiences are impatient and busy, speed matters. – Read more>>