Benefits of Operating an E-Commerce Website in Today’s Environment

3 Key Steps To Planning Your Online Marketing Campaign

1. Convenience – E-commerce is incredibly convenient for both your business and its customers. Oftentimes customers are not likely to travel to your store if they must travel a longer distance, which causes you to lose business. When your business is accessible by the click of a mouse, however, customers are able to make purchases with ease and frequency. Besides being convenient in location, an e-commerce website adds flexibility with time. By having your products and services available through a website, your business can be reached by customers at any time of the day. Your business will not be a victim to time zones or traditional business hours and will accommodate customers by allowing them to shop on their own time.

2. Outreach – By not limiting your business’ location and hours of operation you are also opening up your business to a global clientele. Customers from around the world will be able to access your business and have your products shipped directly to them. Besides increasing your business’ profits, this will help to get your name out, which is invaluable to any business. You can increase the likelihood of reaching a larger customer base by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using SEO brings in new customers and puts you ahead of your competitors. Last, but not least, having an online venue for your business is a great way to connect to younger consumers, who have a large presence as internet shoppers.

3. Customizable – Having a customized website helps you further brand your business and perpetuate professionalism. A custom website allows you to control what features of your business are most valuable to your customers and to create an easier shopping experience. Not to mention that a unique website design will set your business apart from your competitors and attract the attention of potential customers.

4. Comparison shopping – An informed customer is a happy customer, and e-commerce is highly conducive to an educational shopping experience. It is much easier to provide detailed descriptions of your business’ products online without cluttering and distracting from the shopper’s experience as might happen in a physical store. Many businesses also display related items that a customer might also like on their websites, which generates further business by showing consumers products of which they might not have been previously aware.

5. Enhanced shopping experience – Using a website to conduct your business offers many perks for both parties. These include secure payment processing, inventory tracking and auto-responder emails, which help maintain an orderly and efficient transaction. E-Commerce Magento website also provides great opportunities to promote your business through online deals from bargains to group deals. You could even send these benefits to customers through an email that links directly to your website. The organization of business websites is often easier for a customer to navigate, allowing them to both locate their product quickly and browse through other areas of interest, without having to wander aimlessly through the aisles of a store.

6. Lower cost – Finally, by making use of an e-commerce website for your business you will be cutting costs. By not renting out a physical space for your store, you will save in myriad of ways from not having to pay for maintenance of the space to saving on the employees required to keep a store running each day. And while a custom website often costs money initially, it can be balanced out by money from online advertisements and marketing opportunities.

As you can see, investing in e-commerce web design will benefit your business and your customers. Make sure you get a jump-start on your competition with a professional and effective website.

Phong Nguyen

BA from St. Olaf College
MBA from University of St. Thomas
SEO from "the School of Hard Knocks."

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