Website Marketing in 2018: 5 Ways to Win Big with Google
At the beginning of 2018, Google made a big change in how it used its data to rank websites. It's called Mobile-first Index. That and other factors discussed in this article are worth paying attention to (and acting upon) to help your business website perform well this year. Your time is valuable, so let's get started.
How Much Does a Website Cost in 2018?
When it comes to website design cost, it is understandable to want a "great" website at the lowest cost. But, since there is a wide range of web design quotes online (from $50 to $30,000+), the answer to that question depends on your expectation of the website and your overall goals. In this article, I will point out the three most common types of website design and the prices and services to expect for each. That way, you will be more informed to make the right decision which will save you time, money, effort and headaches. Let's get started.
Determining Factor for the Success of Business Startups
In my line of work as a digital marketing consultant, I encounter and work with many entrepreneurs and startups. I often notice that the difference between an Entrepreneur and a Wantrepreneur is their frame of mind regarding business ownership. Although all startup business owners most likely think of themselves as authentic entrepreneurs, their eagerness (and ego) of owning something can cause them to view things incorrectly. In this article, I will point out some facts that will (hopefully) help new business owners think “the right way” to build real business assets. Without further ado and, for those who are ready to accept what I have to share, let’s get started.
4 Steps to Increase Conversion on Your E-Commerce Site
Online competition is fierce. Thanks to irrelevant geographical distance and quick product comparisons, customers enjoy almost no switching costs. In less than 10 seconds, one can decide if an online shop is attractive and reliable enough to click and buy. To successfully gain customers during such a short time, every detail on your website needs to be on point. In this article, we have compiled a checklist for you to review and make revisions on your website to more effectively optimize the performance of your online store.
5 Best Steps to Improve Your B2B and B2C Digital Marketing
As people spend more and more time (before, during and after working hours) on the internet, digital marketing had become the key factor in business growth whether it is a B2B, B2C or both. In this article, I will point out the key differences and similarities between B2B and B2C, then show you how to keep your digital marketing campaign effective by focusing on the things that really matter. Let's get started.
The Simple, Yet Most Important, Factor Why Customers Will Choose You
Modern technologies have made our lives much better, at least a majority of the time. With the click of a mouse, we can search online for purchase information and receive the goods just days after paying for them online (example: Amazon’s Prime). We can send email messages, live chat and engage in live video streaming with others via applications like Skype, Facebook, Google Hangouts, etc. With these changes in lifestyle, technologies have addressed our needs so quickly that people expect more than just an acceptable product or service, but an exceptional experience as well.
WARNING: Prepare Your Website for Google’s Mobile-First Index
You are already aware that the majority of people today use Google’s search engine to find information, providers, and ideas online. But, do you know that there is a major change coming in how Google ranks websites? This change might affect where your audience sees your website on while they are on their mobile devices. Would you want to know how to prepare your website ahead of time to take advantage of such event? If you do, read on.
Finally – Straight Answers to 2 Common Digital Marketing Questions
  1. I've already set up a business website and do some online marketing, but why isn’t it working like I expected?
  2. What should I do to gain the attention of my customers and ideal audience?
These 2 questions are often asked, but rarely do they get straight answers without the added sales pitch. If you’ve experienced such a situation, let me give you the straight answers you’ve been wanting.
5 key reasons to have an e-commerce website
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the year 2016 witnessed a 16% year-over-year growth in e-commerce sales. Since 2010, e-commerce has continuously been the leading growth factor in the retail market. The convenience that the internet offers to both the shopper and the seller is hard to beat. Naturally, having a successful e-commerce web design is a crucial component for a thriving online business presence. This article is dedicated to detailing the 5 major advantages an e-commerce site can bring to your business.
3 Steps to Producing Content that Interests Your Customers

As we are more and more internet-connected than ever before, anyone with a computer and content can become a publisher for a large audience. Since we now have many people publishing on a multitude of topics, the web's content has grown exponentially over the years, making it harder for marketers to get their messages through to their intended audiences. Therefore, to stand out, one needs to approach content creation and marketing differently. In this article, I will explain 3 key steps to producing the type of content that will interest your audience, which in turn will increase your number of conversions.

How Can The Digital Wave Raise Your Profits?
A growing bottom line or net earnings is always on the wish list of all business owners. The principles are simple: either increase sales or decrease costs. And today’s internet magic can help you do both by taking advantage of proven tools to attract profitable traffic. Read on to find out how.
Making the Most of Your Website Design Budget
With a tight budget, small businesses and organizations strive to get the most for their money. But when it comes time to decide on a budget for their website design project, people sometimes face a huge difference in web design quotes, which can range from a few hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars. To know which type of website design will make the most of your limited budget, please read on.