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Let’s say you have 20+ competitors in your industry and most of your competitors’ websites introduce similar products or services as those you provide. How do you get Google to rank your website (organically) over your competitors? Or at least, among the top 10? The answer to this question, is where content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) come in.

Google rewards websites with good content that satisfy its searchers’ search goals by pushing those websites up in rankings. If you want help in producing the type of content your target audience is looking for, you may need a content marketing team to assist you. A team that not only help you produce great content that is in tune with your target audiences’ interests, but also helps you position your content on your website strategically. In addition – a team that can help people find your great content – by promoting it online where your customers are. This is how you can get in front of a larger portion of your specific audience.

Content MarketingToday, a website without content marketing is merely an online brochure. Search engines (Google.com and Bing.com) value websites with a “beating heart” (freshly added content that’s up-to-date) more than brochure websites. To out-rank your competitors on search engines, content marketing is an essential piece of your SEO campaign.

Content marketing isn’t cheap – it will cost as much as advertising. But there’s a big difference between advertising and content marketing. The money you put into advertising is an “expense,” whereas content marketing, is an “investment”. Why is that? Well, after your period of advertising is over – the exposure is over, and the return on your investment would mostly stop there.

On the other hand, with content marketing, your promoted content still gains you online exposure even after you stop your marketing campaign, because the number of established backlinks continue to lead people back to your web pages. This content and backlinks become an asset. That’s why content marketing is a long-term investment, and advertising is a short-term expense.

Additionally, customers who find you through your helpful content will find that you are more credible than if they simply found you through a query on a search engine; this increases your chance of being selected over your competitors.

The Internet is THE place where consumers go to search, communicate, and shop. Once you’ve built a proper foundation that lets you promote your business correctly online, it will be the fastest and most cost-effective way for you to connect with your targeted customers.

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