Businesses that succeed in marketing and selling online are the ones that know where their customers spend the majority of their time. This enables them to position their products and services effectively in front of their customers. You may think this is difficult, but in some ways, it’s becoming easier. Today people carry their smartphones everywhere they go, from the moment they wake up in the morning, to the minute they go to sleep at night. Plus, the sheer number of mobile device users is growing. From smartpads to laptops, from Kindle Fires to Apple iPads, more and more people use their mobile devices to access their entertainment, to communicate, to find information, and to buy products and services. And this trend is speeding up fast.

Mobile Web DesignMobile websites are no longer “a nice add-on.” Today many businesses do more sales on their mobile websites, than on their traditional ones.

If you don’t have a mobile website, it is time to look into whether or not you should refocus some of your marketing efforts to make sure you develop a mobile web presence. Ipads and other smart pads are steadily growing, and their users absolutely love them. Even the previously “technologically-challenged” grandmas and grandpas are connecting with these devices. Mini-iPads and mini-smartpads are also part of the growing mobile device landscape. These products are hot, they’re selling fast, and they prove there’s an increasing consumer demand.

Any business that does not equip itself with a mobile website will likely miss out on an incredible, opportunity for growth. If you want to capitalize on the mobile space, as your competition likely will, you should to ask yourself one extremely important question: How do I create, expand, and maintain a strong relationship with my customers on mobile?

At ProWeb365, we specialize in mobile website design. We can build your mobile website to run on smartphones and smartpads, to provide a seamless experience for your growing base of mobile customers. This will enable your customers to view and purchase your products on their mobile devices at any time. This is, of course, a benefit for both you and your customers.

With a growing number of people, (particularly youth and professionals), accessing websites from their mobile devices each day, it has never been more important that your business has a mobile version of your website. This allows you to be more flexible to customers. Today, more than ever before, customers want things when they want, and where they want. People are mobile. To reach a wider audience, and connect to your customers more easily, and more often, contact us at or call (612) 590-8080.

What is a Mobile Website?

It is a version of your website that fits nicely on any smartphone or tablet computer screen. It allows viewers to have a better experience with your website from anywhere, using their mobile devices. They can access your mobile website through the use of browser-based Internet services, or from their handheld mobile devices by connecting to a mobile network or other wireless network.

Do I have to purchase another web hosting plan for my mobile website in addition to my current web hosting plan?

Probably not. Your current web hosting plan can most likely handle both your traditional and mobile websites. However, if you expect your mobile website to generate a significant increase in traffic, then you may want to increase the bandwidth of your current web hosting plan, or upgrade it.

Do I have to purchase a separate domain name for my mobile website?

No. As long as you create a mobile website version for your existing website, you would configure your website so when a person calls it up from his/her mobile device, your website will recognize it as being called up from a mobile phone and provide its mobile version.