Should You Invest In Professional Website Design?

First, the team of website marketer, designer and developer must be well qualified to provide a user-friendly site that promotes your products and services in a well-organized, appealing format. Quite often, the viewer has searched for a service, product or topic and found your website as a possibility for finding what they need. With very little patience, the viewer must like what they see immediately and be able to understand what you offer and how to find out more in a matter of seconds. If not… click… they’re gone.

Limited Budget? How To Find The Right Website Designer
Limited Budget? How To Find The Right Website Designer

A professional web provider knows how to create a site that loads up quickly, reflects your style, looks professional, and is easy to navigate. It takes talent, experience and a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t to result in an optimal website experience for your clients (and future clients). A question you can ask is: “Does this provider have those qualities to ensure that my website will promote my business successfully?

Second, successful websites not only have user-friendly navigation and a quick load time, but they also have the necessary components for effective search engine optimization (SEO) which translates into favorable Google indexing and ranking. It’s important to optimize your website correctly because that’s how viewers will find you and learn more about you and your company or organization.

It’s also important that the web designer can provide you with mobile compatibility. People are on the go and will search for services and products on a variety of devices, including smart phones, iPads, and laptops. For this reason, it’s imperative that your website appear just as professionally on all devices so people will click and view easily. If not, they will click and move on to the next choice.

Plus, your website must be displayed consistently no matter which web browser is being used (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari of Mac) and it will not view favorably by Google unless it is mobile-ready and compatible with all the major browsers. It takes a seasoned professional to understand the nuances and design elements to make this happen.

Third, your website should create an immediate and amazing first impression that demonstrates clearly the purpose of your organization or business. The viewer should understand quickly what your product or service is and what it can do for them. If the website is designed with your target audience in mind, the chances are much greater that more visitors will take the time to see what you have to offer.

A talented web designer will provide a pleasing visual message using your branding, colors, and style. They will know how to bring in traffic and positively influence their decision to stay and find out more. It takes design and marketing experience to accomplish this effectively, and you definitely want to showcase your talents and specialties within this window of opportunity.

Fourth, once your website is created, you will at some point need to edit, maintain, and update it. You will undoubtedly want to decide ahead of time who will take care of these tasks in the future. If you want someone trusted to do this work and you have engaged a professional developer, they can manage that for you. If you would like to do it yourself, they can teach you how to handle a large portion of it.

However, if you hire someone who may not be able to make the necessary changes or might not even be around, this will be a source of frustration, additional time and money. When professionally created, a website should serve you well for quite some time, with only minimal edits, and the designer would be there for you when you want to make serious updates.

Fifth, I’m certain that you consider yourself a professional and that quality products and services are reasons for people to seek you out and engage your services. Accordingly, your website should reflect your professionalism, and a professional web provider will ask the right questions to find out what’s important to you and what you wish to gain from your website.

With that knowledge, they will create the image, keywords (for SEO), and security needed to attract traffic safely, with subsequent sales as a result. They will provide a user-friendly site with forms, pictures, videos and links that are relevant (and that work!).

We have all seen websites that make us raise our eyebrows in disbelief. We probably even feel a bit sad for the company’s owners, employees, and potential clients because it does not foster credibility or inspire a desire to know more. This is a scenario we all want to avoid. In choosing your web developer carefully, you can avoid those pitfalls. The possibility of hiring the wrong designer, only to search later for a more qualified company and pay for a second try is less than appealing.

You can do the research, look for a reputable web designer, and ask for recommendations and examples of their work. Ask what type of contract they have and what they provide in terms of SEO, mobile responsiveness, and instruction on making your own modifications to your site. You’ll be glad you took the time to dig a bit deeper into the reality of the services and website you might end up owning (or disowning).

By now you realize that my advice is to find a reliable and honest web designer who will listen to your goals and deliver an incredible website. To be sure, the construction of a website has its complexities, but the client needs only to be aware of the awesome and amazing experience, information, and call to action that they wanted.

An added benefit is that contracting a professional designer saves time for both the website owner and the client. The company can confidently focus on their business while professionals create an engaging website; and once completed, the website saves clients time by directing them with clarity to the services and products they’ve been wanting to find (hopefully, yours!).

I hope you find this information helpful. If you do, please share it with others. Thanks!

Phong Nguyen

BA from St. Olaf College
MBA from University of St. Thomas
SEO from "the School of Hard Knocks."

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