The Factors That Make ProWeb365 Different

Professional Website Design: 

  1. Website Design and Optimization: Effective marketing websites are those that can strike the balance between creative design and intelligent on-site search engine optimization (SEO). Why? Because there are two kinds of audiences visiting your website regularly. The first one is comprised of search engines’ robots, and the second one is made up of people. Therefore, your website needs to be search engine friendly as well as user friendly to perform well. At ProWeb365, we have the skills and experience to help you establish such a website; and, in addition, you will own an exclusive copyright to that custom design.
  2. On-site SEO: We optimize each web page on your site with keywords related to your products and services in Title Tags and H1 Tags. We also optimize the graphics and images on your site to ensure it loads faster. Since most of our online audiences are impatient and busy, speed matters.
  3. Mobile-responsive website design and programming: To ensure that your web design is the best it can be, you need a proven provider that has an excellent track record and stays up-to-date with current technologies. To make your site mobile friendly, we design three layouts enabling the website to auto-resize for desktops/laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  4. Browser compatibility: We test every website to make sure they are compatible with the five main web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari on Mac.)
  5. Trusted & proven provider: Today, proof of an exceptional provider lies in the voices of existing clients, through their reviews and testimonials, rather than in the company’s size. At ProWeb365, we strongly believe in this concept; and, we appreciate the fact that our existing clients are our strongest advocates. To us, the Internet is also a mega speaker. Our clients’ reviews and testimonials are often amplified, for better or for worse.
    So far, our commitment to quality work and excellent customer service has yielded us many positive reviews. ProWeb365 received a five-star rating on Google Reviews, BBB, and other websites. We are also an A+ Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau. If you would like a higher rate of success with your SEO campaign, you will want a provider that can rank their own company’s website in the top 10 of Google’s organic search for important keywords related to their services.
  6. Empowerment: Once your website goes live online, we will coach you on how to make changes to most of your website’s content, so you don’t have to pay us every time you need to make simple changes. However, if you are busy or don’t have time to make those changes, and you want us to take care of that for you, we do offer website maintenance services to address your needs.
  7. Fast & reliable IT support: We stand behind our work. If there is an error in our codes that need to be fixed, we will address it at no charge.
  8. Social media integration: We connect unlimited links from your site to your social media pages. This will help the visitors to your site take an easy side-step to your other promotional sites and get to know you better.
  9. Google analytics integration: We create a Google analytics account for you, embed its tracking codes on your site, and coach you on how to track, monitor and measure your web traffic. This will provide you with the confidence that your website is attracting the traffic and visibility you desire.
  10. Google Maps integration (optional): We integrate Google Maps on your website to help viewers find your office easily (if desired).
Limited Budget? Here's How To Find The Right Website Designer
Limited Budget? Here’s How To Find The Right Website Designer

Web Hosting:

  1. Premium web hosting: We host your website on our high-performance servers with some of the top server providers in the world. We want our clients’ websites to load faster, more securely, and with prompt IT support.
  2. CMS upgrade for site security: To keep websites more secure over time, content management system (CMS) platforms, such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, etc. (on which your site was built), need to be upgraded to the latest versions offered by those providers. ProWeb365 includes this service in our web hosting packages.
  3. Auto-backup and manual-backup: It is important to know that the provider you choose includes these two backups in their web hosting services. Web hosting servers are computers. They can crash or fail to run. What happens if the server crashes and you don’t have the most recent backup files for your website? You can picture the headache one would have in this situation! We don’t want that to happen to you; therefore, we strongly recommend you choose a provider that has these two levels of backups in place for you. ProWeb365 does.
  4. ProWeb365 Company
    BBB Accredited Business A+ Rating

    FYI updates and follow-up attention: Once your website is completed and is hosted on our servers, our relationship does not end. It is just the beginning of our partnership. We will keep you posted with recommended updates (mostly free) and FYI information to help you work better and stay safer on the Internet.

If you have any questions, please reach out to ProWeb365 at (612) 590-8080. We look forward to the opportunity of creating an exceptional website for your organization — one that represents you well and provides an enjoyable and rewarding experience for your clients.

Phong Nguyen

BA from St. Olaf College
MBA from University of St. Thomas
SEO from "the School of Hard Knocks."

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