The Important Technological Trend That Businesses and Organizations Must Not Ignore

If you visit any electronics store today you will likely see things like smart pads with attachable keyboards, and laptops with similar designs and features of smart pads. You’ll also see that desktop computers are built into what used to be computer monitors, and there are fewer desktop computers than there are smart pads and laptops…So, what is this technology trend telling you about consumers’ demands and expectations?

Today, consumers want their computers and mobile devices to be smaller, and thinner Mobile Website Designerswhile performing better, and faster. This is because much of their daily work, socializing and communication revolve around the internet, and they prefer to access the web through their smartphones, smart pads, laptops, and, to a lesser degree, their desktops. Most consumers are only looking for more portable computers and devices. The momentum of technology innovation is moving quite fast at the same time that consumers’ demands are, in some cases, moving from “portable” to “wearable” devices. A few examples are SmartWatches, Fitbit (Force, Flex, Zip, and One), and Google Glasses.

Businesses and organizations that recognize this trend would be smart to prepare themselves well with both professional PC, and mobile versions, of their websites. Having a website is essential, but it’s not enough. Having a mobile website will help ensure a strong, unbroken connection between you and your target audience(s). Here are three important tips for how to position your website optimally online:

If you already have a website:

First, review your webpages to ensure your content reflects what you provide correctly. Customers will often judge you on your website’s professionalism, and errors reflect poorly on your organization.

Second, check to make sure your website’s code is up-to-date (with HTML5) by asking a web design company to review your site. Some MN web designers will do this for you for FREE. Today, many consumers use their mobile devices to view websites online. This is important, because websites that are still running under older code will not display well on consumers’ mobile devices. This is a serious matter many organizations have yet to realize, and it is causing many businesses to lose customers by the minute. If your target audience is using a smart-phone or smart-pad to view your site, you may be losing them to competitors who have mobile-friendly websites.

Third, you should Google-search 5 to 10 websites of your competitors who rank in the top 10 of Google’s page-one listing, organically. Then compare the look and presentation of their websites to yours. If your site’s look and functions seem out-of-date, you should redesign your site ASAP to compete. Since your website is the first thing many potential customers will learn about your organization, failing to establish a professional web presentation is like telling them to go to your competitors.

If your organization doesn’t have a website yet, you should look for a Twin Cities web design firm to help you establish one ASAP. This is THE task that can’t be pushed back for a later time if you intend to keep your organization competitive in today’s environment. If you want to start, but don’t know where to begin, contact our Minneapolis web design company today at (612) 590-8080 for a FREE consultation.


Phong Nguyen

BA from St. Olaf College
MBA from University of St. Thomas
SEO from "the School of Hard Knocks."

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