Why Are CMS Websites Budget-Friendly and Beneficial To Small Businesses?

How A Mobile-Responsive Website Can Lead to More Sales

  1. Open Source: This mean the source codes are open to all developers and allow them to modify the codes easily according to each website’s needs. Many developers prefer using open-source systems to build websites because it is less burdensome to customize each component and feature for the website, which also means lower web design costs for you, the customer. Quite often, developers around the world publish their own edited source codes online (as they develop them) for others to use.The Benefits of Custom Designing Your Website with WordPress
  2. Community-Driven Platform: Since open-source systems are available to everyone for FREE, many CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and Magento are supported and co-developed by a community of developers all over the world. The “community” is constantly taking in feedback from end-users (non-developers) to fine-tune these CMS platforms further and add on additional components/plugins. These help CMS platforms improve continuously towards perfection.10 Reasons Why An E-Commerce Website Will Benefit Your Business
  3. Different Access Levels for Users: CMS websites let you create multiple user accounts for different users with different access levels to help you manage the site more efficiently. In addition, you can also create unlimited accounts for your customers on your website and allow them to use specific, designated features.Why you should choose Drupal as your organization’s CMS platform
  4. Highly Flexible and Scalable: CMS platforms have been structured like a blank canvas to let you give them any look you want. They also give you the ability to add on additional functionality or extensions. These two key characteristics allow your CMS-based website to expand to reach its full potential as it grows with your organization. A few large organization websites using open-source systems are:
    • The White House official website, WhiteHouse.gov;
    • The mails/packages delivery FedEX.com; and
    • British search directory Web-Directories.co.uk.
  5. Readily SEO Compatible: CMS platforms provide built-in modules that allow you to optimize your website for better indexing by search engine spiders. There are also additional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins, which you can download for FREE online to further optimize your website.

Overall, a CMS website will benefit your business quite a bit beyond keeping your web design and maintenance costs low. If you want a web design quote for a CMS website, call us today at (612) 590-8080.

At ProWeb365, we will not only custom design your CMS website, but we also coach you on how to manage your website before letting you run with it. This will help you quickly become efficient at managing your website content and save you money by empowering you to do site updates that you can easily do on your own.

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