Why A Responsive Web Design Will Be The Essential Thing For Your Business

Few things are more frustrating for online users than a company that does not adapt to new technologies. As technology changes, so do consumer habits. These days, more and more consumers have multiple devices that they use to access the Internet. While it can be beneficial for your business to have customers accessing your site from a variety of devices, it can also create challenges as well.

The ability to possess multiple devices means that users are likely viewing your business’ website on screens that vary dramatically in size. Looking at a website that was designed for a traditional computer screen is a very different and often frustrating experience on a mobile device like a mini-tablet or smartphone.

The Top Key Factors Google Uses To Rank Your Website
The Top Key Factors Google Uses To Rank Your Website

Website design companies will often offer mobile compatible versions of your business’ website, which reformats the site for an optimal user experience on the smaller device. However, the phenomenon of ‘device fragmentation,’ which refers to users switching between multiple devices, makes it hard for businesses to predict what screen size they should be reformatting their original website to.

Responsive web design is a new technology that aims to solve the dilemma of ‘device fragmentation.’ A responsive web design works to create websites that provide an optimal viewing experience for a user. Optimal viewing allows for easy reading and navigation, without consumers having to resize pages or items as they move from device to device.

The basic structure of a responsive web design has three qualities:

First, a responsive web design will allow your website to discover the height and width of the browser window that is being used at the time.

Second, the website is built with a grid structure, which allows its contents to reorder themselves to best fit the width of the browser window.

Finally, the images within the web page will automatically resize to fit the correct grid columns. Simply put, with a responsive web design your website will respond to whatever screen size is being used.

A responsive web design can be a positive addition to your online marketing toolkit in a variety of ways. By integrating all devices’ screen sizes into one website design, your business will not need to spend additional resources on multiple versions of your website, like one for traditional screens and one for mobile devices. In addition, updating your website will become a seamless and consistent action, because there will be only one version to reformat.

Responsive web designs are becoming more and more mainstream. Your business’ competitors will be switching over to a responsive design soon, if they haven’t already. Make sure to show your customers that you understand their online preferences and can deliver them better and more efficiently than your competitors.

Moving to a responsive web design may seem like a daunting task, but with the right web design company, it’s an easy choice. At ProWeb365, our team of professional web designers specialize in helping businesses succeed online with web design, marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization services and more. We guarantee honesty and transparency in all of our services. Invest in your business’ responsive web design today and call our Minneapolis web design company at (612) 590-8080.

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