About Us

ProWeb365 specializes in custom web design, web development and Internet marketing/SEO. While working with us, there are three things you will quickly notice:

First, the honesty and transparency our services offer. We strive to make sure you clearly understand the details of each project. This is how we build TRUST with our clients, for a lifetime.

Second, we provide exceptional personal assistance that you will rarely experience anywhere else. We’re not here to build a customer base, we’re here to build RELATIONSHIPS. Our goal is to develop a mutual respect and trust with our clients.

We want to be your supportive IT partner, and a major contributor to your digital marketing success. At ProWeb365, we view your success as our success. So, as we work together in partnership, what’s important to you, is important to us.

ThirdINTEGRITY. We provide services of value and only charge for the results that we successfully deliver. We are committed to delivering our services with the highest ethical values.

Trust, Relationship, and Integrity (T.R.I.) are the core values that we believe place us in a unique position among professional web design companies.

ProWeb365 was built (in 2009) from the belief that if we identify and help you overcome your online marketing challenges, we will both be successful. We measure our success by how well we learn your business’ needs and how quickly and effectively we address them. We stand by our work, and we feel confident that our existing clients are our strongest advocates.

If you choose ProWeb365, we promise you will always receive personal and professional assistance in each and every step of your web design project, and beyond. Again, we are here to build a successful, long-term relationship with you, and we are confident you will be consistently pleased with our services.

We want our clients to be so pleased with our work that they will be happy to serve as strong references regarding the quality of our work. If you believe in our cornerstone values of TRUST, RELATIONSHIP and INTEGRITY, and would like to see these in your web design company, call us at (612) 590-8080 to let our professionals take care of your project.

ProWeb365 also appreciates the efforts of those who work to better their communities. We offer discounts for website design and maintenance services to non-profit organizations.

Non-profits can also ask local businesses to sponsor the rest of their project’s cost, after our discount has been applied. If you are a non-profit organization and need to construct a website, please contact our web designers today!

Who's Hiring Us?

  • 1Those who are referred to us by our current clients.
  • 2Those who have been in business and the “school of hard knocks” long enough to recognize a quality provider in the crowd of lip-service web designers.
  • 3And those who learned it the hard way with a cheap website design provider. They now need someone like us to clean up the mess and get their project done right.

If your situation resonates with one or more of these three groups, you know what to do. Otherwise, here is a list of important considerations and the main reasons why you should consider us:

A. Custom Website Design vs. Static Template Website Design
B. Take Control of Your Website
C. Web Design that is Search Engines Friendly
D. Fast IT Support
E. Consolidate to Save Time and Headaches
F. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
G. Find a Proven Provider
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