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If you are looking for reasonable, reliable and secure web hosting services in Minnesota for your website along with fast IT support all in one place; you have come to the right provider.

ProWeb365 is known for its exceptional web hosting and IT support services. We set a high standard in web support while continuing to uphold those standards every day to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

At ProWeb365, we provide premium web hosting services, which ensure that your website will load fast, to give your visitors a good browsing experience. We utilize “premium cloud servers” which translate into high-performance web hosting.

If you are tired of “cheap web hosting” which causes your website to take forever to load and IT support that takes too long time to respond to your needs, contact us today at (612) 590-8080. We will assess your website requirements and recommend a compatible web hosting plan at a reasonable price.

What included in all of our web hosting plans:

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    Premium web hosting: We host your website on our high-performance servers with some of the top server providers in the world. We want our clients’ websites to load faster, more securely, and with prompt IT support.

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    CMS upgrade for site security: To keep websites more secure over time, content management system (CMS) platforms, such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, etc. (on which your site was built), need to be upgraded to the latest versions offered by those providers. ProWeb365 includes this service in our web hosting packages.

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    Auto-backup and manual-backup: It is important to know that the provider you choose includes these two backups in their web hosting services. Web hosting servers are computers. They can crash or fail to run. What happens if the server crashes and you don’t have the most recent backup files for your website? You can picture the headache one would have in this situation! We don’t want that to happen to you; therefore, we strongly recommend you choose a provider that has these two levels of backups in place for you. ProWeb365 does.

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    Clean up: If for some reason your website is hacked or injected with bad codes/malware, The Company will clean up the bad codes on the website or replace the hacked version with the most recent backup version of your website - all at no charge.

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    FYI updates and follow-up attention: Once your website is completed and is hosted on our servers, our relationship does not end. It is just the beginning of our partnership. We will keep you posted with recommended updates (mostly free) and FYI information to help you work better and stay safer on the Internet.

We also look forward to the opportunity of creating an exceptional website for your organization — one that represents you well and provides an enjoyable and rewarding experience for your clients.

Beyond web hosting, we also provide website maintenance service, under which we can take care of your business website’s back-end entirely, so you can relax and focus on your business’ front end. For affordable and reliable web maintenance services, give us a call at (612) 590-8080. We will help you save money and take the worry out of managing your website.

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