The domain name you choose is the identity of your organization on the web. It can be nearly as important as choosing your organization’s name, so it requires careful research, thought and consideration. Here are some great tips that will help you select a good domain name for your organization. Select Domain Names

Web design quotes can vary significantly among providers, creating confusion for customers as to why, and which provider to select. In this article, I’ll outline 3 common types of web design providers you’ll likely find online and explain what each type of provider offers in their web design services. Then I’ll share some advice on what provider type you may want to choose. Web Design Quotes >> 

There’s no denying the fact that a key ingredient to a business’ success is having an online presence. While the choice to build a website for your organization is easy, deciding what type of website to invest in is more complex. Do you hire a team to build the website for you? Do you manage it yourself? Do you want to make frequent changes? What if you don’t know a single thing about code? CMS Website Benefits >>

Everyone knows the importance of establishing a website for their business, but few understand what’s needed to position their website for true success. This knowledge will help you attract potential customers and claim a high rating in Google searches. Strategic online marketer Phong T. Nguyen explains how to develop an effective website. Design an Effective Website >>

Many organizations, small businesses and startups have limited budgets for their website design or redesign. It is important to find an honest provider that is knowledgeable about digital marketing and will help you gain the most from your budget. However, we know that is not always easy, especially for those who are not familiar with all the services and their value. In this article, I will point out the key factors which, when combined, will help you find a great provider. Let’s get started. Select A Great Web Designer >

When clients come to us for website design and internet marketing services, a common question they ask is: What is SEO?

Answering this question thoroughly takes time, because there are many technical terms in SEO like: Title tags, Meta tags, Description tags, On-page Optimization, Off-page SEO, Anchor Text Links, Back Links, Content Marketing, and more.

In this article, I will use an analogy to help those of you who know little or nothing about SEO. I want to help you understand what it is, how it works, and why it’s important. My goal is to help you understand SEO in the most simple and fundamental terms possible. Let’s get started. Simpler way to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) >> 

As more and more websites populate the internet each day and search engines continue to change their search algorithms; today’s effective website requires more than just a responsive website. In this article, strategic digital marketer Phong T. Nguyen will show you how to boost your chances of being selected by new customers online. Tips to Increase Your Sales >>

Many businesses want to know the top key factors that Google uses to rank websites. In this article, Minnesota digital marketer Phong T. Nguyen will explain them in the simplest terms for you. These are the kind of factors that will most likely continue to play an important role going forward. Digital Marketing Tips >>

Modern technologies have made our lives much better, at least a majority of the time. With the click of a mouse, we can search online for purchase information and receive the goods just days after paying for them online (example: Amazon’s Prime). We can send email messages, live chat and engage in live video streaming with others via applications like Skype, Facebook, Google Hangouts, etc. With these changes in lifestyle, technologies have addressed our needs so quickly that people expect more than just an acceptable product or service. They want an exceptional experience as well. The Most Important Factor Why Customers Choose You >>

I’ve already set up a business website and do some online marketing, but why isn’t it working like I expected?

What should I do to gain the attention of my customers and ideal audience?

These 2 questions are often asked, but rarely do they get straight answers without the added sales pitch. If you’ve experienced such a situation, let me give you the straight answers you’ve been wanting. Answers to the 2 most Common Digital Marketing Questions >>

As people spend more and more time (before, during and after working hours) on the internet, digital marketing had become the key factor in business growth whether it is a B2B, B2C or both. In this article, I will point out the key differences and similarities between B2B and B2C, then show you how to keep your digital marketing campaign effective by focusing on the things that really matter. Let’s get started. B2B and/or B2C Digital Marketing >>

As we are more and more internet-connected than ever before, anyone with a computer and content can become a publisher for a large audience. Since we now have many people publishing on a multitude of topics, the web’s content has grown exponentially over the years, making it harder for marketers to get their messages through to their intended audiences. Therefore, to stand out, one needs to approach content creation and marketing differently. In this article, I will explain 3 key steps to producing the type of content that will interest your audience, which in turn will increase your number of conversions. Smart Content Marketing >>

Are you overwhelmed with all the options available for your marketing budget and focus? You’re not alone. We get many questions about the most effective and profitable ways to market a small business. Strategic online marketer Phong T. Nguyen will outline three critical recommendations to help you plan a successful campaign. Tips Toward the Right Digital Marketing Campaign >>

Many business owners understand the importance of how a professional website adds value to their bottom line. Meanwhile, the tactics many have taken are just plain counterintuitive. Why? Because they don’t know the right approach in establishing an effective website in today’s digital landscape. In this article, I will point out the three most common unproductive (and often damaging) approaches and provide advice on how to prepare a great website that will generate much better results. Let’s get started. Tips to avoid the common online marketing mistakes >>

If your website has been a disappointment and you haven’t reached the goals you initially expected, or if you are about to hire a web developer to design a new website, this article is for you. Most website owners initially do not know that for any website to function optimally, it should avoid these common mistakes. Here they are in more detail. Tips to Avoid Sabotaging Your Website >> 4-common-factors-that-sabotage-website-performance/

One day you go to your website and you know instantly that something is wrong. It has most certainly been hacked and an internet browser has red flagged your site. You are seeing a screen very similar to this one. You tense as you realize that this is serious, and you don’t know how to resolve it. You want to solve the problem quickly and hopefully never encounter it again. In this article, I will lay out the key steps you should take to fix it and provide advice on how to drastically minimize the chances of this happening to you again. Recover an infected website >> 

In the last few years, many big companies’ and organizations’ systems have been hacked. Sometimes, the companies don’t discover they’ve been hacked until months later. This shows that many companies and organizations do not have the systems in place or skill sets to combat cyber criminals, which are always changing their techniques through new, quickly changing technologies. A CNNMoney analysis in May of 2017 reported that about half of all American adults’ personal information was compromised in the last twelve months due to data breaches at large companies and organizations. In August of 2014 alone, we’ve seen three more hacking victims: Community Health System, UPS and J.P. Morgan. These ongoing events worry many people. To help you better protect yourself from being hacked personally, here are some things you should do when using the internet. Tips to duck internet scams >>

Our proficient Website Design and Optimization provides a powerful advantage for our clients. Effective marketing websites are those that can strike the balance between creative design and intelligent on-site search engine optimization (SEO). Why? Because there are two kinds of audiences visiting your website regularly. The first one is comprised of search engine robots, and the second one is made up of people. Therefore, your website needs to be search engine friendly as well as user friendly to perform well. At ProWeb365, we have the skills and experience to help you establish such a website. In addition, you will own an exclusive copyright to that custom design. Experienced and Skillful Digital Marketing Company >>