Brand Marketing

Brand MarketingIn the past, the majority of customers learned about your business, brand and reputation through TV ads, Yellow Book ads, print flyers, and word-of-mouth. Today, most customers learn about you through your website, social media pages, and business listings (on public online directories). As more people use the internet to search for the products and services they need, you should revisit your business’ marketing plan to make sure your strategy is optimized well for the current marketplace.

25 years ago the biggest, tallest brick-and-mortar business buildings in town gained visibility from consumers as they walked or drove by; today it’s very different. Nearly every business, big or small, runs a website at one registered domain name on the web. While 25 years ago a BIG physical presence was essential and gave companies an advantage, today the Internet has leveled the playing field for nearly all businesses. But just having a site isn’t enough. To make people aware of your business and brand, you need to promote your business intelligently online. If your business does a great job serving customers, you should create and share those customers’ testimonials online (on your website and business listings, etc.) to let many people know about your excellent products and services. This is important to the success of your brand marketing on the web.

To fully leverage the internet to your advantage, you should look for a full-service digital marketing firm to help you. You need a provider that has skillful marketers on their team. Marketers who are talented and have years of experience in online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). This ensures that your project is worked on by professionals who are knowledgeable about online marketing. To see what brand marketing success can look like for your business on the internet, contact our Minnesota web design firm today at (612) 590-8080.