Drupal Web Design in Minneapolis
Drupal Web Design

Drupal is an open source CMS that gives its users lots of flexibility to modify, add-on, share, and distribute many types of content including text, images, videos, and data. It is perfect for small business as well as big organization websites because it allows you to easily expand your website further if needed. For example, here are a few high profile Drupal users:


1. The White House official website: www. WhiteHouse.gov

2. Mail/package delivery firm: www.FedEX.com

3. British search directory: www.Web-Directories.co.uk

4. U.S. department of energy: www.Energy.gov

5. Comedic news source: www.TheOnion.com

6. And Wake Forest University: www.WFU.edu

With a strong community of developers and users around the world constantly giving each other feedback to improve Drupal, it is now ranking among the top CMS platforms in the world. Better yet, Drupal has very extensive API supports to further assist savvy businesses with their organizations’ websites, including:

A. Google Analytics Drupal APIB. YouTube Drupal API

B. Google Apps API

C. Facebook Drupal API

D. Twitter Drupal API

E. Sales force Drupal API

F. UberCart Drupal APIH. Sugar CRM for Drupal API

G. Constant Contact Drupal API

H. AdSense Drupal API

I. MailChimp Drupal API

J. And more…

Drupal also has superior security over most of other CMS platforms. Its platform complies with multiple advanced security solutions to prevent unauthorized access to your data. In addition, Drupal enables you to create and control multiple user accounts that have different access levels to your website, which lets each member or department within your company help you manage your site better.

The Drupal platform is very search engine friendly — For those who understand what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, you know how important this is to the success of an organization’s website. Drupal has built a community platform that was designed to be SEO friendly, where the website’s content can be displayed in many ways and still let search engine spiders crawl (or read) your site with ease. There are also many plugins available to help you further optimize your Drupal website. If you want a custom CMS website that can help your business reach its full potential, contact our Drupal web design team today at [email protected] or (612) 590-8080.