After Google releases a new mobile algorithm on April 21st, 2015, websites that are not mobile-friendly will most likely be negatively impacted in their Google search engine rankings. Nobody wants that, but if your website fails the Google mobile-friendly test, here are a few options you can choose from:

What Customers Want

Option #1 – Small mobile website version $750 (temporary fix)
We would create a mini version of your website that is mobile optimized so your landing page passes Google’s standards for mobile compliance. All of your website content won’t be there, but your key content and graphics will be such as: your organization introduction, your services, your logo, and contact info. It is not an ideal solution, but is the quickest option to make your site become mobile compatible by April 21st, 2015.
Option #2 – Responsive website $2,500 (better)
We would convert your current website into one of our pre-designed mobile responsive websites. We will migrate most of your site’s content over to the new site. Your website will get a fresh new look and pass the current Google mobile-friendly test. This is a better option and we will try our best but we cannot guarantee the conversion will be completed by April 21st, 2015.
Option #3 – Custom Mobile Responsive Website $5,200 (recommended)
We will do our best to get option #2 done by April 21st, 2015 (if sign up before April 9th, 2015) and will custom design a brand new mobile responsive website for you after that. In the end, you will get a unique informational website design (up to 25 web pages) that you own the Copyrights to and will pass the current Google mobile-friendly test. We recommend this option because it will address your specific needs, create a unique design for you, and is mobile-friendly.
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