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Whether your business already has an excellent reputation, or you are in the process of building one, you need to manage it carefully and swiftly. Today, a lot of information customers learn about your business comes in the form of online reviews; whether they’re on-your-website, on social media pages, on business directory listing reviews, etc. You need an on-going reputation management plan to keep track of these reviews for you.

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If a bad review shows up, you need to know and address it right away before it gets out of hand, particularly on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) If not addressed carefully and swiftly, negative reviews will deter potential customers from choosing you over your competitors. This can also hurt the good first impression you work so hard to make with your potential customers. On the flip-side, you can and should use this honest and up-to-date feedback to improve your business systems and services.


Reputation Management

While action is needed if someone says something negative about you, the opposite is also true. If your business has impressed a customer, that is also worth letting other people know about. You can share positive testimonials through these communication channels. If you delivered a great result on a project and your customer gave you an excellent testimonial, you should amplify this online by posting it on your website and other sites that represent your company including: social media pages, business directory listings, new press releases, etc.

Online reputation management is a key factor that contributes significantly to most business’s marketing success in today’s environment. It will help you stand out among your competitors on the internet if done well. It can be one of a few reasons your potential customers will choose you over the other guys. You should have a reputation management team take care of this for you. For a free consultation, please give our Minneapolis Digital Marketing Firm  a call at: (612) 590-8080.

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