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The Most Frequently Asked Questions
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    Why do web design quotes vary so much?

    When it comes to web design and development, the complexity, customization, and ownership of the software all play key roles in determining the price of a project. Before comparing web design prices among providers you should know the types of services providers offer. With this information you’ll be able to make a better judgment on which provider is the best fit for you and your project, so you won’t waste time or money.
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    Why do I need to custom design my website?

    The majority of websites populating the internet today were built from cheap template websites. They are positioned incorrectly, which creates a cluster of “noises” that makes it harder for a new website to reach its intended audience effectively. That is why a custom designed website is the smart choice to communicate effectively through those “noises” and achieve a great first impression with your potential customers.
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    What are the key factors to an effective website design?

    1. Your website designer need to understand your business, goals and target audience.
    2. You and your provider need to strategize the content and layout of your web pages. We will address the key questions or information that your target audience will use to search for your products and services.
    3. Your provider needs to optimize your web pages well with “good keywords” and descriptions to be search-engine friendly.

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    I have a small business. What type of website design will help me save money?

    • You need an open-source CMS website designer so you don’t get tied down to only one provider.
    • You also need that provider to coach you ahead of time on how to control your website.
    • You need a provider that will stand behind their work and have an official contract for you.

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    There are so many web design providers to choose from. How do I select a good one?

    • Don’t focus too much on cheap website designs that will lure you toward a half-baked website.
    • Listen carefully to your first conversation with the provider. Do they really take the time to know your business, needs, and goals before recommending their services?
    • Will they have an executable contract for you?
    • What do their customers say about them on Google Reviews?

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  • We have all witnessed the increasing importance of website marketing to brands and organizations in our digital-commerce age. In today’s environment, it is absolutely essential to establish an effective website that can present your brand and organization professionally. It must communicate clearly to your target audience. It must also attract and interest viewers so they ask for additional information and eventually purchase your services or products. We can help you accomplish this.

    Minneapolis Web Design

    ProWeb365 is a digital marketing company. We design, host, market, and maintain websites for businesses and organizations, big and small. We specialize in custom website design, web development, online marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). We build professional websites, including blogs, e-commerce and informational websites. All of our custom-designed sites are easy to self-update and manage with our instructions on integrated content management systems (CMS), including DrupalMagento, and WordPress.

    To ensure that your project receives the attention it deserves and achieves results that will help your company grow, contact our Minnesota web design firm today at or (612) 590-8080.