Phong (Peter) Nguyen

Phong (Peter) Nguyen is the President and Marketing Director of ProWeb365, a web design and marketing company. He leads a talented team of web designers, web developers, and digital marketers who love to help businesses and organizations with their online marketing challenges. Phong came from an entrepreneurial family, which helped him develop a passion, early in life, for business. He started 3 business ventures in college and he hasn’t stopped. Phong holds a BA from Saint Olaf College, where he majored in Studio Arts and minored in Business Management, and an MBA from The University of Saint Thomas, with an emphasis on Marketing and Management.

During college, Phong learned a valuable piece of advice: “If you want to become successful in business, don’t just go for the money, try to discover and then solve the pains or problems people are suffering from. If you solve their problems, you will be successful.” Phong keeps this advice close to heart, and when the economy crashed in 2008, he focused on finding ways to help businesses improve their bottom lines at a minimum cost.

Seeing a promising future in web-focused marketing that allows businesses to promote themselves relatively inexpensively, Phong created a local online business directory; he even went door-to-door to local businesses and photographed them and posted the images on his directory website. He added value for customers and generated new revenues by creating discount cards customers could buy for $10, and use for the whole year, while receiving discounts for purchasing goods or services from other businesses listed on his website.

Anyhow, soon Phong learned more about web design and internet marketing/SEO and established ProWeb365, a digital marketing company, with a clear mission: to solve the online marketing struggles people face, at a reasonable cost. Today when a client calls, or enters a ProWeb365 office, the first thing the ProWeb365 team wants to learn is, what are the client’s problems and goals, not how much money are they willing to spend. Phong wants to grow ProWeb365 into a reputable web design firm known not only for website design and digital marketing, but also for developing strong, long term relationships with his clients, relationships that help them grow their businesses.

Phong loves to read books on business development, marketing, management, and real estate investing. He likes to apply what he has learned to innovate within his companies, as well as help clients establish a strong web presence so they can achieve their online marketing goals. Phong also provides digital marketing consulting services to companies and organizations. If you’re looking to give your website a fresh start, or need to give your digital marketing campaign a boost, contact Phong (Peter).

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“ProWeb365 has been amazing to work with. We chose them for their technical expertise, creative design and forward thinking ideas. They also provide a discount for non-profit organizations which made it affordable for us. Initially, it was overwhelming trying to determine the best way to organize all our information in an easy to navigate site. Once ProWeb365 stepped in, it became clear we were working with a professional team that really cared about our needs.

It was also important to us to be able to maintain control over updating our site’s content. We continue to meet periodically for further training, to share new ideas and discuss analytics. They keep us up-to-date with changing internet requirements. They are dedicated to quality customer service. ProWeb365 is affordable, reliable and they delivered results that surpassed our expectations!”

Patrice Ciernia, Marketing – Three Links


“As a young entrepreneur I understand the importance of creating a positive digital presence. But, I was not generating cash flow sufficient enough to build a site that embodied my vision to the fullest. Proweb365 gave me the ability to build a strong brand image on the Internet far cheaper than any company I obtained a quote from. Furthermore, they put a personal touch on a very cold industry. They were always available to answer questions or make quick changes. I couldn’t be more pleased with the end product and service I received. Thanks Proweb365 for giving me the finishing touch I needed to grow my business.”

Dan / CEO Speed Demon Sportbikes /


“When I first met with Phong I was about to throw the towel in on my business. I had been plagued with problems on my website, developers that couldn’t deliver what they’d promised, expensive overages and countless delays. I was about to shut the business down when a friend connected me with Phong. I learned more from him in one hour than I had learned from everyone else I had worked with for 2 years.

No one had ever spoken to me in a way that made total sense and resonated with me. He took over my website and redesigned it in less that a week and it was amazing! He stayed true to his (very reasonable) quote and delivered a product way above my expectations. Phong is now in the process of implementing a digital marketing strategy that is innovative, methodical and thorough. We are on our way! He’s professional and passionate about what he does and he sincerely cares about his clients. I’m convinced that if I hadn’t started working with Phong and his amazing team at ProWeb365 I would have let my dream go. “

Mary Mentzer – Owner of

As a grassroots, non-profit organization with a limited budget but big dreams, we initially found it extremely difficult to find a website developer who was able to both grasp and implement our vision. ProWeb365 not only understood our goals and objectives for both the design and structure of the website, but their in-depth technical ability and creative skill allowed us to launch an interactive and unique website that made it appealing to our current and future donors and volunteers. Since the launch of the new design, we are getting only positive feedback from our users. ProWeb365 developed a site well beyond our expectations.

Caroline Nguyen Ticarro-Parker –
Co-Founder & Executive Director