4 Common Factors That Sabotage Website Performance
People are excited when their new website launches online. They are thrilled to believe that all their hopes and goals will be realized as the website goes public. However, most websites fail, and people often don't know why. In this article, we will point out four of the most common causes of a failed website so you can avoid them.
How to Promote Your Small Business, Effectively and Cleverly, for FREE
Reaching and retaining customers has often caused headaches for small business owners. It’s true that hiring an online marketing company can sometimes exceed the limits of your promotional budget. Fortunately, there are several marketing practices that you can leverage at low to no cost. This article is designed to serve as a lifeboat for entrepreneurs like you.
Can My Business Compete Without A Professional Website?
The benefits of having a website might sound like a broken record to you. In fact, in less than one second, Google can give you 396 million results regarding this topic. But what if you don’t have a website or maybe you have a basic site which your part-timer updates once every blue moon? What impact will this have on your business? This article will give you the answer.
Drupal Spells Success for Businesses
Investing in winning technology pushes your business forward. However, what is a winning technology in our digital age? According to Forrester, it should meet four criteria by being adaptive, agile, mobile friendly and insightful. Given this description, Drupal will work like a charm. Continue reading for our explanation of Drupal’s increasing popularity among successful organizations.
Why WordPress Provides the Best Website Solution for Small Businesses
Do you know that WordPress is not just for blogging? In fact, besides being favored by bloggers, WordPress is also a powerful content management system (CMS). Now, for every 100 websites, more than 27 of them are powered by WordPress. Its clients range from Reuters to the New York Times and Forbes to e-commerce sites like eBay. You might wonder if this popular choice will fit your needs. Is WordPress the most effective and efficient option? Read on to find out.
4 ways that Magento can satisfy all your e-Commerce needs
Developing an e-commerce business is a complex process for entrepreneurs. The platform you choose for your website is more than just a virtual dashboard to manage your online store. It’s also the visual presentation of your online business and the experience you provide to customers as they shop on your site. In this article, we’ll point out an open-source e-commerce platform that has been benefiting over 250,000 businesses to date and what made it the most popular platform for e-commerce stores.
An E-commerce Business Model for Limited Budgets, Time and Flexibility

Have you ever thought of starting a small business at low cost while in school, in the work force, or even at home with your kids? In this article, I will show you a business model that is flexible enough to let you work around the three most common issues entrepreneurs face: time, money and flexibility. Let’s get started.

How to Dodge the Latest Scammer Tactics
Scammers have plenty of tactics to trick people into giving up their money. No one wants to fall for these, but sometimes they catch you by surprise and you have joined the ranks of those who have been deceived by unscrupulous scammers. Here are the three most common tactics you should know in order to quickly recognize them. In this article, I will show you how to deal with each of them.
Fundraising Checklist for Nonprofit Organizations
Working for nonprofit does not mean working for free. Though the purpose of your organization might not be income, no revenue equals no activities and no followers. Without followers, no donation is made. The circle of attracting followers and funds is a problem faced by every organization, regardless of size and mission. This crossover with for-profit organizations is a strategic shortcut for nonprofit managers. In this article, a checklist for successful fundraising is compiled based on such similarities.
3 Key Steps To Planning Your Online Marketing Campaign
Are you overwhelmed with all the options available for your marketing budget and focus? You’re not alone. We get many questions about the most effective and profitable ways to market a small business. Strategic online marketer Phong T. Nguyen will outline three critical recommendations to help you plan a successful campaign.
How to Favorably Position Your Website for Google’s Recent Update: Penguin 4.0
If you are experiencing a decrease in the number of leads from your website, you may want to learn about Google's recent update: Penguin 4.0. In the SEO community, we consider it one of the most critical updates from Google. To learn more about how this update can help (or hurt) your business website, please read on.
Focus on the Letter “R” for Success
We all want to be successful according to our own definition. Yet, today’s fast-paced lifestyle keeps us so busy and stressed that it’s sometimes difficult to achieve our desired level of success. In this article, we'll will highlight five components that can help you reach your goals while enjoying a healthy, well-balanced life. It’s intriguing that these five components all start with the letter R. Just as the letter S follows R in the alphabet, Success generally follows once we have embraced these five R-qualities as well.